GNU wget 1.10 for Win32

  エラーが出てビルドができない件 ([2005-06-14-8]) は,ドキュメントを見たらあっさり解決.

  windows\README を見ると

To build Wget with MSVC run configure.bat (in the main Wget directory)
with the argument --msvc, and then run nmake.  At a certain point in time
Wget exposed some compiler bugs in MSVC 5.0; later Wget started to
expose (at least http.c, retr.c) some other compiler bugs in MSVC 6.0
SP6 (cl.exe version 12) which could/can be worked around by compiling
completely without optimization or at least partially (by using
#pragma optimize("g",on) and "off" around offending functions).
However, read the rest of this document before continuing.


--- src\wget.h-orig    2005-05-14 21:36:30.000000000 +0200
+++ src\wget.h    2005-06-15 11:35:27.643158400 +0200
@@ -32,6 +32,8 @@
    includes some often-needed system includes, like the obnoxious
    <time.h> inclusion.  */
+#pragma optimize("g",off)
 #ifndef WGET_H
 #define WGET_H

- GNU wget 1.10 for Win32 binary

  実行には,OpenSSL のライブラリ (ssleay32.dll,libeay32.dll) が必要.

- OpenSSL 0.9.7g for Win32 binary

- ref.:
  [2005-06-14-8] GNU wget 1.10 リリース
  [2005-03-20-1] GNU wget for Win32 を作る